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Chinese new year in Singapore

I did not plan that the four days in Singapor would be in the middle of the Chinese New Year. I thought it will be fantastic to be part of this as there is a big Chinese community there. Parades, dragons, chinese food, streets full of people. Well, none of that! All bussinesses were closed, streets empty and not many dragons running the pavement... People go to their families and spend the new year in their homes. Well, there was at least one big lost dragon.

So, I went to Little India which, like Proust's madeleine (or Gandhi chiapati) brought me back to Big India! I was really happy to find back those incredible colours in the shops, the masala smell and Indians walking the street in their unique style. These were just missing a bit more of frantic crowd, more dirt and obviously some cows laying in the middle of the traffic...

Chinatown in comparison did not remind anything of China. Only uninteresting tourist shops...

In between these two towns stands the Parkview building, art deco straight out from the Metropolis movie!

Oh, and there is a boat on a building! Oh, and there is a swimming pool on the boat!

And that's where I found some chinese festivities too.

There is no malaria in Singapore: "Hey mosquitos, eat that!!!"

Thanks a lot to Kyan, Tammy and Dayne for having me over these few days.

Farewell modern Singapore.

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I am back, but it is not over yet!

This is it! I just stepped out of the plane that brought me back to France.
Well, this might be it for me, but not for the blog! I will have some time now to publish more amazing articles about my festive chinese new year in Singapore, delicious chooks in Sydney, how I built big legs in New Zealand, how I sun tanned them in the Fijis and how I found a producer who wants make a movie about my trip in Hollywood! Stay tuned!


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Indonesia over and under water

At last, an update of my blog! Difficult to keep it in sync with my travel. I am now in Los Angeles writing about Indonesia. More updates to come very soon! Enjoy.

Christmas in Bali, new years eve on the Gili Air island - a fantastic little island without any cars and motorbikes.
I spent a few days there passing my PADI open water after having checked my ear that caused me troubles a few years ago. I thought then the underwater world was a definitive forbidden place for me. Luckily it is not anymore! Diving in Indonesia is like throwing yourself in a giant aquarium full of colored fishes, turtles, octopusses, and many other underwater weirdos.

I couldn't wait to put my head under the water again, but before that, I spent some days spent in Kuta, Lombok.
After a -not so successful- surfing lesson in this surfer paradise, the rain invited itself. For days.

So I decided to move East towards the Flores Island, going for a 48 hours epic travel on bus and ferry - was scheduled 24 hours, but the last ferry didn't go because of the bad weather. I was stuck in the small port of Sape for a day, but I consider myself lucky when I talked to these other travellers who were waiting for three days already...

And on the ferry, guess what they do with the rubbish bin nicely placed everywhere on the ship?

Arriving in Labuan Bajo, Flores, guess what: rain! I really scheduled very well my trip because it was the rainy season in every country I went so far!
Luckily, the rain stopped a bit further East:

And I saw finally the sun early in the morning at the mount Kelimutu, another beautiful volcano with three different colored lakes.

A coloured local market near there:

Back to Labuan Bajo for a four days live aboard diving trip in the Komodo National Park.

Amazing under water picture - thanks Alex for taking those amazing images.

And tiny tiny rare pygmy seahorse:

Magnificient manta rays:

The Komodo dragons make sure you do not come disturb them on their private beach.

I visited 8 islands in Indonesia, all very different. I will have to come back to see the 17500 remaining...

Farewell picturesque Indonesia!

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Christmas in Bali

I know Christmas and New Years Eve is now far behind, but so is my blog. I am catching up now I found a descent computer and internet connection in Wellington, New Zealand (thanks Adrien!)

I understand why people talk so much about Bali being a fantastic place.
Beautiful landscape:

Temples, temples and more temples:

Delicious and beautiful food:

The special and very rare Kopi Luwak, a coffee made from coffee beans digested by the little furry luwaks... really good !

Balinese dance:

And Christmas Dinner (Hi Martine, hi Leon, hi Paul!)

The only thing about Bali is that is becoming too touristy with all the bad things going with it: hassle, touts, "massage" offers, etc...
And the rubbish is the sea comes most from the Indonesian - more about that in the next post.

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One of the 17.508 Indonesian islands: Java

Indonesia has more than 17.000 islands... How should am I supposed to find my way there? Well, start by the beginning and visit the arrival port, Jakarta.

I was still hesitating where to go next: West to the Sumatra island or East accross Java to Bali... I eventually chose the first transport leaving jakarta, a train the next morning heading East to Yogyakarta:

Near there is active Merapi volcano:

and the Parangtritis beach not too far away, just a couple of kilometers away from Nancy and Metz in Lorraine, France:

And the is also the Borobudur buddist temple, which I highly recommand to visit while it is pouring down:

Moving further to the East of Java is Mount Bromo, another volcano better to visit at sunrise and so wake up a 3:00am... Luckily there weren't any clouds or I would have been very grumpy to be up that early for nothing...

East of Bromo is another volcano, the Ijen where minors go inside the magnificient crater close to a beautiful turquoise lac to dig sulfur in the fumes and carry it back on their shoulder in big baskets. I guess you would really want to see this. Well, me too, but the local travel agency I booked the ticket with did not find useful to tell us the Ijen was closed a week ago because of the toxic sulfur smokes and sold the ticket anyway. So I took just a couple of pictures for the road around there.

Time to leave Java and take the ferry to Bali...

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