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rain + forest = rainforest in Borneo

As it was still monsoon in Malaysia, I got a lot of rain. A lot of forest too. And a lot a lot more...

Here are the pictures from the Bako National Park:

A night walk in the jungle; we were lucky enough to spot a wild cat and flying lemur, but I could not catch them on a pictures. Here are several bugs, spiders, frogs and a sleeping kingfisher.

Proboscis monkey ('nasique' in french). Cute.

A night walk in the jungle; we were lucky enough to spot a wild cat and [ ]. Could take a pictures, but I got several bugs, spiders, frogs and a sleeping kingfisher.

Back to Kuching, some longhouses - big houses made of wood.

And at the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre the superstars of the forest.

Moved then to Miri for more jungle trekking at the Lambir Hills National Park, in the rain this time... The umbrella does not really help, but it makes me look more British. With the humidity, my clothes were entirely wet with no hope of drying. Sweet.

Some machines near an old oil well

... and guess who is coming out when the rain stops ?
At least, I am bringing my contribution to the help the ecosystem...

The massively big Niah Caves:

A market in Miri with small sharks to buy.

At least, the shrimps and the frogs are fresh in this Chinese restaurant !

After all those adventures, I needed one of these two - I'll let you guess which one I chose...

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