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Christmas in Bali

I know Christmas and New Years Eve is now far behind, but so is my blog. I am catching up now I found a descent computer and internet connection in Wellington, New Zealand (thanks Adrien!)

I understand why people talk so much about Bali being a fantastic place.
Beautiful landscape:

Temples, temples and more temples:

Delicious and beautiful food:

The special and very rare Kopi Luwak, a coffee made from coffee beans digested by the little furry luwaks... really good !

Balinese dance:

And Christmas Dinner (Hi Martine, hi Leon, hi Paul!)

The only thing about Bali is that is becoming too touristy with all the bad things going with it: hassle, touts, "massage" offers, etc...
And the rubbish is the sea comes most from the Indonesian - more about that in the next post.

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Salut cousin

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