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Chinese new year in Singapore

I did not plan that the four days in Singapor would be in the middle of the Chinese New Year. I thought it will be fantastic to be part of this as there is a big Chinese community there. Parades, dragons, chinese food, streets full of people. Well, none of that! All bussinesses were closed, streets empty and not many dragons running the pavement... People go to their families and spend the new year in their homes. Well, there was at least one big lost dragon.

So, I went to Little India which, like Proust's madeleine (or Gandhi chiapati) brought me back to Big India! I was really happy to find back those incredible colours in the shops, the masala smell and Indians walking the street in their unique style. These were just missing a bit more of frantic crowd, more dirt and obviously some cows laying in the middle of the traffic...

Chinatown in comparison did not remind anything of China. Only uninteresting tourist shops...

In between these two towns stands the Parkview building, art deco straight out from the Metropolis movie!

Oh, and there is a boat on a building! Oh, and there is a swimming pool on the boat!

And that's where I found some chinese festivities too.

There is no malaria in Singapore: "Hey mosquitos, eat that!!!"

Thanks a lot to Kyan, Tammy and Dayne for having me over these few days.

Farewell modern Singapore.

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