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La joie de vivre au Nepal - before the trek

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Just after crossing the border, I knew transportation in Nepal wouldn't be easy.
Oh, just put the goat on the roof !

Seven hours later in an other bus, I finally reached Pokhara, a few day in advance of Adrien's arrival.
I thought I could use that time to learn some kayaking and try the white water experience in a three days trip down a river. First day was training on the really calm and warm Pokhara lake. What you learn there is rolling and trying to get back up. After a few rolls, being under the kayak upside down and filtering half of the lake's water through my nose, I though kayaking wasn't really my thing. Eventually, I cancelled the next day in the morning as I catched a fever that nailed me to bed for this and the next day... (probably catched something while doing nose filtering...)
When Adrien arrived from Kathmandu, he found me just on the path on recovery but not in great shape. And I forgot to mention the ankle I twisted in Varanassi, India was just going slightly better, but wasn't completely healed...
That's the perfect condition to start the big trek. Let's do it !!!

Before starting to walk, let's take the bus to Besi Sahar, the starting point of the trek.
Oh, just put the Claude on the roof ! (but the view is the best from there)

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Nepal in one picture

Not much internet during my trek (nor hot water either), but this picture says everything.
I'll post some more on my nepali experience very soon.

2011 10 22 16 30 06 (from email)

2011 10 22 16 30 06 (from email)

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It's time to trek in Nepal now

After having recovered from my fever and bought my latest small equipment (a genuine North Face gore tex baseball cap for €2.5... a genuine copy, yes), I am ready to go trekking the Annapurnas Circuit with my friend Adrien. As for Johanna, he is travelling at the same time and same place, so we go together.
Adrien is a former colleague from Cinesite, and he inspired me for doing this trek. He did it during his world trip last year (www.cayus.net) and so, he will be the perfect guide.
Next update in a couple of weeks - I doubt I'll find some internet up there, and I'll already be happy to have electricity and hot water...


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A bit more of India

Looking back at India, I found I couple of more picture I found worth to share.

Let's start with the temple near Bikaner where they worship the rat - luckily, we (me and Johanna, a friend from London who is sharing some indian adventure) were there during the rats nap time, there would have been a lot more, but I thought it was the right number...


Later, in Udaipur, I still do not know why I went to that place, but I was just a grotesque museum in an old haveli (private mansion) with a , puppet room, the worlds biggest turban, an Eiffel Tower miniature and... me !

Couple of picture from our desert camel safari. Read Johanna's blog about the michelin starred dinner and the night under the stars passed in the desert. You might also not want to miss the dehli belly adventure which took place the day before the camels...

And now, just some completely random stuff:

Invader in Varanasi !

Crossing the border on a cycle rickshaw. Johanna is heading for Kathmandu, I am going to Pokhara for a long trek up there with another friend who'll be joining me soon... Stay tuned !

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The Taj Mahal and 3 idiots...

Some more random pictures...

It's my last night in India as I am crossing the border to Nepal tomorrow... Farewell incredible India !


And my favorite:

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